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Welcome to be a rich man

Peregrine Currency


( BRC )

Best Rich Coin

Stable Value of Digital Currency

US $ 1:1 equivalent, about 6% interest per year, no transaction fee, online and offline transactions.

You can obtain financial information services, as well as three major characteristics:


With monthly interest rate of value-added

And anchoring a BRC dollars 1:1 conversion ratio. Depending on the number (Proof of stake) held the annual interest sowing mention about 6%, automatically deposited in cryptocurrency every month.


Stable value protection

Each BRC has always been our traditional currency reserves held by the 1-on-1 support. So 1 BRC the equivalent of $ 1. Your digital currency is converted to BRC, to avoid the decline in value when the high point, has continued to add value in the low !


No transaction fee

No matter when and where, can be used in an electronic wallet without transcation fee. It can also be exchanged on the exchange. (Currently listed on : SuperPay e-wallet and digital currency exchange).

Fund-based support to stabilize the value of money and banking services


Financial Seminar

Holds occasional financial professional seminars, active objects including financial advisers and clients, so that we keep the market prospective. While also providing customers in response to the policy under different circumstances, so that client assets achieve maximum effect and safe and sound. 

Reduce Risk

Offers the following support services to its partners, the general public in order to take care of the customer base, reducing investors' capital threshold, while enjoying high stable value assets customer base.

Safe and Reliable

Australia ASIC regulatory Peregrine goods subject to strict global top three funds safe and secure. We choose to accept only the strong and effective regulatory, statutory regulators to work together to ensure the safety of customer funds, to maintain the reputation of the industry, investors and common progress.  

Close to the transformation of the world economy

Analysis Team will provide economic market analysis course, so that at the macro level, said details of the impact of economic, financial market and business cycles. At the same time, provide the latest market and financial information through a day, allowing customers to follow the trend of international finance in the first place. 

Supplements: BRC currency price may be affected by the free market mechanism, there was a little but try to floating control in 1:1 USD, as USDT practice.

Service Introduction


Peregrine protection products


Registration Buy


Buy Peregrine Currency (BRC) Description

After the successful purchase, the BRC service will be available. The system will count the minimum number of BRCs held for one month on the 1st of each month and register the interest in your account before 01:00 on the 2nd. You can withdrawal at any time. Interest will send to your USDT wallet address on the 1st of the month.

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Consulting Service

If you have questions or want to learn more, please email :

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