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If you want to issue token, payment system, collect money at any time, connect to your online store, corporate website, Facebook or any other type of website, don't know how to get started, we can help you.



SuperPay is a vip payment system platform, and more and more stores use SuperPay to build mobile payment systems. You can use it to issue NFT,  distribute bonuses and digital currencies for connecting your shopping site, company website, etc. The points that the system provides to you can be sold or given to customers, so that your customers become old customers, often to pay for you.


SuperPay is easy to use and operate and does not require any professional network knowledge and technology. If you encounter any problems in the process of managing your own VIP payment system, you can always ask us questions. Whether you are in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, China or any country in the world, we can provide services for you.

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SuperPay Labs is a professional blockchain and mobile payment technology team with many years of experience in blockchain, exchange and mobile payment development. It has launched a new open architecture Super BlockChain Payment System (abbreviation: SBPS) for everyone in the world. Even people in the whole universe can jointly develop a blockchain to pay for the economic system. Anyone can use SBPS to issue digital currency, the common specifications and agreements of the universe, consumers can pass unimpeded.



SuperPay Coin (SPC) from SuperPay Labs will be used to support this project. Buyers can use SPC to purchase products and services from all partners, such as: blockchain mobile phones, VR content, shopping sites, AI Robotics, smart investment, concerts, dining, travel, real estate, star travel...

Easy Sell

Tipping feature enabled users send micropayment and reward for digital content providers. Receiving money is so easy! Only one small place for the barcode or picture is enough. On the screen of TV, website, magazine, billboard, smart phone, tablet, and so on. Turning the advertising over to be a shopping channel, real-time client feedback channel, appealing more consumers and maximizing the value of the advertising.

Scan & Buy

SPC is the single window for you to different websites or stores. The buyer will no longer have to enter their account password and credit card number, but directy scan the QR and immediately be able to checkout.

My Own Currency

Vendors can issue their own currency to the customers by APPs or papers. Customers get more thanks to buying it. Vendors operate better since receiving these pre-payment.

No Power is OK

Even if the seller or the buyer lacks electronic equipment or internet, SPC is still working.

Fast Deal

The fastest speed ever! By SuperPay technology, the specific transaction is completed within 0.1 second.

Open Source

Open api and sdk to the other hardware and software systems, so that all the systems can be compatible.

Tech Support

SPC provides online teaching community for developers to learn and share. Users/Vendors can find developers for help in this place. Ensure every user feels comfortable to use this platform.

Block Chain

Combined with an open chain, private chain, block chain, data is being unchangeable and transaction can be faster and more secure.

Most Secure

Dynamic token / 256 bit, AES / SHA-512 hash encryption / network transmission 256 bits encryption and other encryption methods and still more than one group continued to change encryption and decryption rules.

Real e-wallet

Consumers can pay or receive money in SPC, the real e-wallet.

All in One

The other payment ways such as credit cards and e-payment account can be added into SPC, with no actual need to download their app. Saving time and storage.

No Hardware

Users do not need to purchase any other hardware IC and enjoy the benefit of SPC.


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